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What are the activities of Al Arabiya for Mediation & Employment s.a.r.l.?

2- In the trade fields

a- Executing all commercial activities, general trades and commissions, establishment of networks for distribution, import and export and all similar and complementary activities in Lebanon and abroad

b- Import and export cars, trucks, industrial machines, agricultural tractors and all complementary spare parts for them.Import and export all food kinds and natural and mineral waters, clothes, shoes, leather products, hunting weapons and their ammunitions, all kinds of games, ordinary, electronic, fire and sports ones, computer systems and programs with its spare parts, communication devices, purchase and selling of natural materials, fabricated materials made of aluminum, wood, plastic, industrial, winch paint, industrial oil derivatives, marble, ceramic, flagstones, porcelain, electrical and sanitary tools,  medical equipments and their derivatives and natural and fabricated jewelries.

c- Shipment of goods by land, sea and air with their release at the administration of customs and concerned authorities

d- Purchase, selling and renting electric generators and spare parts reverting to them.

e- Renting of cars, trucks, bikes, taking into consideration the laws and systems.

f- Production of pickles of all kinds, manufacturing and toasting nuts according to the laws and systems.


All of the legal consultations, real-estate and services that are requested from the company whether orally, through telephone or by e-mail, are free of charge.



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