Solar Hot Water


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Solar Hot Water :

Solar hot water systems can be classified in different ways:

• The type of collector
•The location of the collector
•The location of the storage tank in relation to the collector
• The requirement for a pump
• The method of heat transfer - open-loop or closed-loop
• At each sunrise the solar starts heating automatically
• Preserve the environment is a sacred duty
• Installation is easy and only need small area from the roof
• You can replace your regular heater with the solar one
• Guarantee for five years
•Capacity / 150 / / 200 / / 250 / / 300 / liter
• Temperature in normal weather reach up to 75 degrees

Solar specifications

- Solar dishes: Structure made of Mercury metal Wall tiles are made from wool thermal envelope chips Aluminum Absorber plate made of mercury steel pipe network Cover glass thickness of 4 mm. High absorption capacity, Installed with aluminum angles and Special rubber tape

-Thermal reservoir: internal cylinder made of mercury sheet or Stainless steel thickness 3 mm Thermal insulation made of polyurethane material to maintain the water temperature external cylinder made of mercury sheet 1 mm thickness, with our logo Electric heating device in case of need. The solar is installed on solid metal


Industrial Engineers

Industrial Engineers