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Mediation and Employment s.a.r.l


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What are the activities of Al Arabiya for Mediation & Employment s.a.r.l.?

1- In the construction fields

a- The pledges of building, roads, infrastructures, building bridges and providing them with sewerage, lighting and surveillance, the preparation of general or private facilities, construction projects of all kinds, establishment and investment of the land lines and cellular phones networks, the purchase and selling of real estates, secretion of lands, trade of building, engineering studies, management of projects such as development, real-estate, residential, touristic and sports.

b- Shares and shares possess in companies with limited responsibility ; Lebanese or foreign.

c- Import and export all materials and included equipments within the work scope.

d- The participation in all of the commitments and bids that the country, the public administrations, the municipalities, the enterprises and the general and special companies hold whether in Lebanon or abroad.

c- Performing engineering works and consultations related to them, such as preparation, obligation and execution.


All of the legal consultations, real-estate and services that are requested from the company whether orally, through telephone or by e-mail, are free of charge.



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