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The company is also specialized in providing Lebanese and foreigner workers, in all fields, especially in the building, construction and contractors, and now hundreds of Lebanese and foreigners work in the Arab countries, especially in Iraq, such as engineers, contractors, technicians, drivers and workers in all fields and the specializations.

Al Arabiya for Mediation & Employment s.a.r.l. main concern is to assist Arab and foreign businessmen.

Al Arabiya for Mediation & Employment s.a.r.l., with all its worldwide connection, provides you with all commercial and industrial information; we provide the prices as in the origin country, with the tax prices for any item you wish to import, so that our company takes a percentage of 2.5% of the total amount of the deal.


Al Arabiya for Mediation & Employment s.a.r.l., is the mediator between the buyer and the seller, where it acts as the effective observer to maintain the legality of deal, organizes the legal contracts, so that the rights of both parties are secured, makes sure that the buyer gets his goods as agreed, and the seller gets the price accordingly, as in the written agreement between both parties











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